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Ragnarok Crusader Build Guide

If you’re interested in serving god in the Holy War, then choose the path of the crusader. You have to be a Swordsman at job level 40 or more to change job as a Crusader in the Prontera Castle. Crusaders are the backbone of a PvP, PvM and MVP party, they sacrifice their life for others. Ragnarok Crusaders are known for their Devotion, Shield and Grand Cross skill. These are some builds and skills that may help you build your Crusader.

PvM / Power level: 

Grand Cross build

Int: 99
Dex: 60-80
Vit: 50-70

Int is the most important stat in this build because GC (Grand Cross) skill depends more on the matk (Magic Attack) rather than the atk (Attack Power) of the character. The skill Heal also depends on the int value of the character. An equal distribution of dex helps the crusader to cast GC faster, therefore fast kill. A fair vit helps you survive on mobs of monster while leveling.


Grand Cross – This is the most important skill for this build. Level 10 is recommended
Heal – Don’t go out without it =)) you need this to aid your self on mobs and after casting GC on the enemy. Level 10 is recommended.
Faith – Gives you 2000hp and 50% resistance to holy attack at level 10.
Other skill points are distributed as a prerequisite skill in order to use GC and Heal

PVP / Siege Tank Build: Devotion, Shield Build

Str: 90-99
Vit: 60-80
Dex: 60-80

You focus on the str part because siege tankers needs to carry a lot of healing pots to survive in a long war and for constant devotion (Taking all the damage that was cast on your party mates) This is good for both defense and offense, Wizards can cast spells even taking damage from enemies. Also str increases your damage when using Shield Boomerang and Shield Charge Skill. Vit for more hit points for the Devotion skill. Dex for faster casting of devotion and hitting enemies by the use of your shield.


Devotion – Plays an essential part in defense and offense. A combo of wiz, bard that is devoted makes your guild unstoppable. Level 5 is recommended
Guard – Chance to block an attack, 30% at max level. 5 or higher is recommended
Shield Boomerang – Attack an enemy at a certain distance. Level 3 is recommended

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